Your organization already has a compelling message: “We Care.”

You care. Your staff cares. You put lots of caring, smiling, and compassionate people in your ads. And “we care” is printed on your billboards along the highway. Sure, two of your competitors say almost exactly the same thing. But you care more than they do. Checkmate.

Your physicians and staff brainstorm the marketing strategy.

You’ve got nice headshots of your top physicians, and at the quarterly meeting everybody spitballs some slogans up on a marker board. Add a couple of testimonials, and you’re all set for the year. Done and done.

Your audience is purely rational about their health.

Maternity care. Eldercare. ER services. Life-saving treatments. Pediatrics. Health and well-being. These aren’t subjects that trigger emotional feelings. Consumers approach all with a steely-eyed gaze and a logical mindset.

Your audience already knows everything about your brand.

Whether you’re marketing to consumers, physicians, or a business audience, your offerings are already top of mind. Everyone has the utmost confidence in your brand and knows the benefits by heart.

You’re terrified of getting a letter from the FDA.

When it comes to marketing pharmaceuticals and medical devices, creativity is scary. No reasonable company would try a calculated risk with their brand message. That’s just the way it is.

Your customers are already savvy healthcare consumers.

The ups and downs of busy modern lives don’t distract your audience from becoming savvy consumers. They know all about the providers in their area. They’ve planned out what they will do in times of need. They’re experts on the latest treatments for conditions they have now, or may have in the future. And they’ve already decided your company or organization is the best solution.

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Healthcare Advertising Agency | How to Create Compelling Healthcare Advertising

Your audience is busy and distracted.

Physicians. Business owners. Moms. They all have pressing responsibilities. You know you need to put compelling and concise messages in front of them to influence their decisions.

You are eager to help people make difficult decisions.

Making choices about healthcare is a complicated and emotional process. You want to help, and you believe your products and services are worthwhile. But first, you have to present yourself as a reliable provider. Persuasive advertising is an important step.

You want to establish trust.

The relationship between providers and their patients and customers is based on trust. A compelling ad campaign can help you communicate your values and your track record in a persuasive way. When people like what you stand for, they are more likely to trust your products and services.

You’re willing to go the extra mile to reach providers.

Marketing pharmaceuticals and medical devices to physicians and other health professionals is a tough nut to crack. Creating compelling DTP advertising is an extra step you take that some of your competitors don’t. You know that professional audiences are human, too. They care for their patients and they want to be inspired.

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You know that FDA regulations don’t forbid compelling advertising.

You spend time and money to navigate the complex regulations of pharmaceutical and medical device marketing. Staying above reproach is a priority. But you understand that strong, attention-getting advertising can still meet all regulations.

Your product is something new and innovative.

It takes a tremendous amount of capital investment to bring a breakthrough pharmaceutical, medical device, or medical technology to market. You understand that a persuasive advertising campaign will magnify the attention your introduction receives. This helps ensure you’ll get the returns and the kudos you deserve.

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