Project Description

Our pharmaceutical advertising work for Suprax.

As part of a regulated industry, pharma agencies have to be able to convey a compelling message that doesn’t over-reach or go off-label. We were able to maintain that balance with Suprax, a once-daily third-generation cephalosporin for a range of indications. The campaign visuals centered on a memorable clock overlay and consistent color scheme that healthcare professionals felt had stopping power.

We designed a multifaceted campaign to support the client’s go to market strategy, including an HCP- and patient-facing website, an easy-to-use electronic core visual aid (CVA), a direct mail campaign, an e-blast campaign, SEO work, Google Search ads, and a series of physical one-sheeters and brochures to convey the product’s differentiators to healthcare providers.

suprax pharmaceutical full page magazine advertisement
suprax pharmaceutical informational white papers

suprax pharmaceutical mobile web design

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