Project Description

Our healthcare advertising work for CAE Healthcare.

We pride ourselves on working with a wide range of clients within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. One lesser-known corner of the healthcare industry is simulation—an area where CAE Healthcare continues to innovate. Medical simulation devices, including life-sized mannequins at various stages of realism, are an important part of healthcare education.

Our work for CAE included print advertising, online campaigns, and even on-site videos where we toured their state-of-the-art factory and interviewed passionate personnel. Capturing the sophistication of the technology and conveying CAE’s mission – to improve patient safety – served as the foundational goals for every piece.

  • digital healthcare advertisement for cae
  • print advertisement for cae healthcare
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  • print advertisement for cae healthcare
  • printed healthcare advertisements for cae
  • print advertisements for cae healthcare
cae healthcare product information materials
cae healthcare lmagazine advertisement

full page magazine advertisement for cae healthcare

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